What To Expect

What you can expect from Michael

Family law is at all times quite uncertain and variable. Much depends on the quality of evidence, the attitudes and conduct of the parties and the judge hearing the case.

That is why I do not (nor does any family lawyer that I know) offer a guarantee that a particular result will be obtained.

What I will promise you is this:

“I will use all of my abilities, expertise and resources to obtain the best possible result I can for you as quickly and as inexpensively as I can.”

What I expect from you:

I ask that my clients

  • Be realistic in their objectives.
  • Provide information and documents when requested.
  • Provide further deposits towards fees and expenses as requested.

Assessing Your Case

People separate and decide to end their marriage or common law union for many reasons. I think in 20 years I have probably heard all of them.

There are the couples who are still on good terms and civil to each other. On the other extreme are those “high-conflict” couples who continue to have intense feelings of dislike towards each other.

Where do you fit into that spectrum?

It is essential, at the earliest possible stage, to find out first what your objectives are, and then develop a plan for attaining those objectives.

Family law is not the place to exact vengeance against your spouse.

Decisions in any case should be based as much as possible, on facts and not on emotion.

Judges are pretty smart people. They usually can tell when someone is taking a course of action designed solely to do damage. Usually it ends badly for that person.

Lawyer-Client Relationship

I take lawyer-client communication very seriously. I need to know your concerns and objectives. I need you to be satisfied with your legal representation. I need you to tell me when you are not satisfied with anything that is happening in your matter so that I can address the issue promptly.

You and I will have candid and open discussions about your matter.

You may not like the answer I will give you. Please remember however, that I am being paid to give you the correct answers – not necessarily the ones you want to hear.

We have to work as a team to achieve your objectives.