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If you’re looking at this site, chances are that you’re looking for someone in your corner. Put my experience to work for you. I’ve been providing expert legal assistance in complex matrimonial, divorce and family law cases since 1987.

-Michael P. Clarke

Experience and Expertise

Michael’s expertise and strength is courtroom advocacy. He is always motivated to settle, if that is what is best for his client, but he has also had many successes arguing cases in Court before a judge.

Mediation and collaborative law are fine for spouses who are on reasonably good terms. He has also settled many cases using these methods. However, when the parties are unable to settle, a judge (or arbitrator) must decide the issue.

Your lawyer should have extensive courtroom experience. There are many lawyers who do not like to do trials. Trials require an enormous amount of energy, time and commitment. The stakes are high and there is considerable pressure on all the participants, parties and lawyers alike. It is for that reason that Michael receives a number of referrals each year from other lawyers who have taken their client’s matter as far as they can, but do not have the time or inclination to run the trial.

  • "The lawyer’s rate  . . . for Mr. Clarke – is quite reasonable, given his experience and the skill and efficiency with which the matter was presented."
    Coe v. Tope, 2014
    Superior Court of Justice
  • "Mr. Clarke, on behalf of Mrs. S., has argued most forcefully that his client has had care of her son A. since birth and has related well…"
    Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton-Wentworth v. S., 2000
    (Per Justice Steinberg - Superior Court of Justice of Ontario)
  • "Under cross-examination by Mr. Clarke, the Applicant acknowledged that the slight discrepancy between the summaries reflected the fact that all of these numbers are estimates …"
    Entwistle v. MacArthur, 2007
    (Per Justice Pazaratz - Ontario Superior Court of Justice)
  • "I was met with a most forceful argument by (Mr. Clarke) that I should use this opportunity of sending a message to the Hamilton-Wentworth Children's Aid Society about their conduct in this case. I must admit that I was sorely tempted by this proposition …"
    Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton-Wentworth v. D., 1999
    (Per Justice Fleury - Ontario Court of Justice)

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